Shipping fee to Australia

WeightEMS (express delivery air mail) AIR (normal air mail) SHIP (sea mail)


Additional Option Fee
· Delivery to the airport: In case of international shipment it can not be delivered to the airport.
· When packing weight exceeds 30 kg: It becomes multiple packing and further “Transportation fee + handling fee collecting in one box” becomes an additional charge.
· When the total of three sides exceeds 275 cm: It becomes two or more packing and further “Transportation fee + handling fee collecting in one box” becomes an additional charge.
· When the length of one side exceeds 150 cm: Because it adapts to nonstandard size, I will take a quote. Please note that it may take several days in that case.

* 1 When exceeding the maximum weight or the maximum size per packing, we will confirm whether shipping is possible or not. Because it may become impossible to ship by product, please understand.
* If the total of the item price exceeds 200,000 yen, the inspection by customs becomes strict, and the possibility that the baggage will be returned will be high. Therefore, Conciergent will ship a specific package in order from the next business day after the original shipping date so that the sum total of the contents of the shipment baggage will be within 200,000 yen a day. In case
* Customs clearance fee will be incurred separately as customs clearance export declaration fee. In that case please pay by customer.
Weather, traffic conditions, due to the influence of excess quantity of warehouse, there is a possibility of delay etc, so please order well in advance of arrival.
The date until shipping arrangements are completed: Because it depends on the stock status of the requested item, we will contact you upon estimate.
In the case of delivery to accommodation facilities, there are accommodation facilities that can not be accepted, so be sure to check before ordering.
* Once delivery arrangements are confirmed, please note that we can not change or cancel.
Because our delivery service will be limited to our service, we are very concerned, but we ask you to contact the shipping company after delivery.