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Commodity price
The shopping agent service can be used from ¥ 50,000.


Price list for domestic shipmentName of prefecture
Upper limit of the length of three sidesWeight upper limitHokkaidoAomori · Iwate · Akita · Miyagi · Yamagata · FukushimaIbaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, YamanashiNiigata, NaganoToyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi, MieShiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, WakayamaTottori · Shimane · Okayama · Hiroshima · Yamaguchi · Tokushima · Kagawa · Ehime · KochiFukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa
Up to 60 sizesUp to 20 kg¥1,290¥1,440¥1,610¥1,610¥1,670¥1,760¥1,840¥1,840
Up to 80 sizes¥1,440¥1,590¥1,760¥1,760¥1,830¥1,900¥1,990¥1,990
Up to 100 sizes¥1,610¥1,760¥1,920¥1,920¥1,990¥2,070¥2,150¥2,150
Up to 120 sizes¥1,750¥1,920¥2,020¥2,070¥2,150¥2,220¥2,300¥2,300
Up to 140 sizes¥1,920¥2,070¥2,220¥2,220¥2,320¥2,380¥2,460¥2,460
Up to 160 sizes¥2,070¥2,220¥2,380¥2,380¥2,460¥2,550¥2,620¥2,620
Up to 170 sizes¥2,150¥2,380¥2,550¥2,550¥2,620¥2,700¥2,780¥2,780

【Additional Option Fee】
· For shipment to the airport: Airport pick up fee ¥ 640/1 Packing
· When packing weight exceeds 20 kg: There will be multiple packing, “transportation fee + handling fee collecting in one box ¥ 500” will be added and will be added.
· When the total of three sides exceeds 170 cm: It becomes two or more packages, “transportation fee + handling fee collecting in one box ¥ 500” will be added as additional charge.
· If the length of one side exceeds 150 cm: Since it is necessary to change the shipping company when it exceeds 150 cm, “¥ 500” is required as an additional charge.


※ Weather, traffic conditions, due to the influence of excess quantity of warehouse, there is a possibility of delay etc, so please order well in advance of arrival.
※ The date until shipping arrangements are completed: Because it depends on the stock status of the requested item, we will contact you upon estimate.
※ In the case of delivery to accommodation facilities, there are accommodation facilities that can not be accepted, so be sure to check before ordering.
※ The length of time of luggage storage will be 21 days from the arrival of goods for the longest. Please note that it will be disposed of after the 21st.
※ Because our delivery service will be limited to our service, we are very concerned, but we ask you to contact the shipping company after delivery.


Price list for international shipping
CountryPrice details
China Click here
Korea Click here
Taiwan Click here
Hong Kong Click here
India Click here
Vietnam Click here
America Click here
Australia Click here
France Click here
Russia Click here


International guarantee fee
We guarantee free up to 20,000 yen.
A guarantee of 20,000 yen can be added every 50 yen.
Up to 2 million yen can be added up to the guarantee.
Please check this out for details.


Service charge9% of product price